You Choose Your Path

An enterprise imaging program is a complex intersection of imaging teams and enterprise imaging functionality.  Our role is to help you determine which enterprise imaging path best matches the needs and goals of your organization.

Enterprise Imaging functionality

Every medical service line generate some form of imaging ranging from photographs, to videos, waveforms and traditional DICOM imaging.  A centralized image archive streamlines the entire imaging ecosystem.  Multiple PACS, image management systems are supported.  Encounters-based workflow tools integrate point-of-care images. The archive enables image distribution via a universal viewer that is integrated with the EMR. Image sharing with other organizations and patients.  A single platform delivers business and clinical analytical tools.  

Pathway Options

Comprehensive Enterprise Imaging Strategy

For those organizations who want to understand current activities and plan their future needs for all imaging-generating services.  Often this activity is driven by the replacement of an existing radiology or cardiology PACS and is motivated by the desire to implement a vendor neutral archive.

Image Exchange Implementation & Optimization

Image sharing between organizations is a fundamental element of interoperability.  Streamlined processes are needed to improve image availability and to eliminate the costs of generating CDs and other media.

Point of Care Ultrasound Program Development

POCUS services require multi-specialty partnership to achieve standardization while meeting the needs of each individual department.  Credentialing requirements must be incorporated into the workflow.   One part technical and two parts clinical, developing an effective enterprise POCUS program offers new challenges for many organizations.

Photography Program Development

Photodocumentation is rapidly growing due to the ever present smart devices.  Digital cameras continue to be a mainstay of many clinical workflows.  Patients are also submitting images as part of their clinical care.  Another of the multi-specialty partnerships, clinical and technical challenges must be addressed.  Compliant and secure workflows are essential to protect health information contained within these images.

Surgical & Procedure Imaging Program Development

A combination of photography and videography, surgical and procedural imaging enables the sharing of valuable information between providers along the care continuum.   Typically, a part of more mature Enterprise Imaging services these workflows are rapidly evolving.

Videography Program Development

Videography services are utilized through the enterprise and are often combined with other image formats such as waveforms.  Concerns evolve around editing and viewing.  The large file sizes raise issues about storage needs and access.

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