Petersilge CA, McDonald J, Bishop M, Yudkovitch L, Treuting C, Towbin AJ

Visible Light Imaging: Clinical Aspects with an Emphasis on Medical Photography-a HIMSS-SIIM Enterprise Imaging Community Whitepaper

Journal of Digital Imaging. 2022

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Towbin AJ, Roth CJ, Petersilge CA, Garriott K, Buckwalter KA, Clunie DA

The Importance of Body Part Labeling to Enable Enterprise Imaging:  a HIMSS-SIIM Enterprise Imaging Community Collaborative White Paper

Journal of Digital Imaging.  2021

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Petersilge CA

The Enterprise Imaging Value Proposition

Journal of Digital Imaging. 2020

DOI 10.1007/s10278-019-00293-1

Petersilge CA

Fundamentals of Enterprise Photodocumentation: Connecting the Clinical and Technical A Review of Key Concepts

Journal of Digital Imaging.  2019

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Petersilge CA

The Evolution of Enterprise Imaging and the Role of the Radiologist in the New World

American Journal Roentgenology. 2017

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HIMSS.     HIMSS-SIIM Enterprise imaging community (Booth presentation)

HIMSS.     DIAM - Is your data management strategy really complete (Booth presentation)

SIIM.         The Clinican’s View of the Modern Imaging Workspace:  Flexibility, Dependability and Distribution.  Industry Connect Panel Discussion (Panelist)

SIIM.         The Imaging Cloud is Hot and Sometimes Hazy – Gain Clarity with Vision and Results.  Ask Industry Panel Discussion (Moderator)

SIIM.         Study Descriptors for Enterprise Imaging – What’s in a Name


PA eHealth Partnership.     Enabling image sharing in health information exchanges (Webinar)

HIMSS.     Supporting enterprise imaging strategy via health information exchange (Pre-conference on-demand webinar)

SIIM.         Narrowing the focus on medical photography:  A snapshot of clinical visible light imaging. (Webinar)

LOINC.     Extending LOINC throughout the enterprise imaging ecosystem.


SIIM.     The importance of body part labeling to enable enterprise imaging (Webinar)

Imaging technology and news.     Achieving digital maturity:  Enterprise imaging and the HIMSS DIAM assessment (Webinar)

SIIM.       Reclaiming the frontier:  The future facing evolution of clinical photography (Virtual annual meeting)

Strategic health information exchange collaborative.     Medical imaging fundamentals and supporting enterprise imaging strategy.  (Webinar)

CMS Health information exchange community of practice.     Medical imaging fundamentals and supporting enterprise imaging strategy (Webinar)

HIMSS.     Practical interoperability. (Webinar)


HIMSS.     How to build a photodocumentation program:  Lessons learned (Virtual annual meeting)

HIMSS.     Realizing the value of enterprise imaging (Webinar)

HIMSS.     Enterprise imaging:  A conversation with our clinical colleagues (Webinar)

Beckers Healthcare.     What's missing from the EMR?  (Webinar)

SIIM.         Cloudy with a chance of data - A cloud debate (Virtual meeting)

SIIM.         Enterprise imaging - Visible light multiple specialties (Virtual meeting)


SIIM.     Solving the hardest problems in enterprise imaging - Building a roadmap

SIIM.     Discovering the value of enterprise imaging for the radiologist

RSNA.   Enterprise imaging: Why should the radiologist care?

healthsystemCIO.    Enterprise imaging update (webinar)


HIMSS.     The big picture made tangible. Realizing the value of enterprise imaging

SIIM.         SIIM Debate:  Should enterprise Imaging be a top priority?  Read more here


HIMSS.     Pandemic of Issues with imaging impairing security, quality and cost of healthcare (Panel discussion)

European Congress of Radiology: HIMSS Satellite Session.     Clinical Analytics - how can we use imaging data for the benefit of the patient?


RSNA.     Advancing the role of radiologists as enterprise imaging leader (Panel discussion)


HIMSS.     Foundation for Enterprise Imaging Success:  Expert Moment #2

HIMSS.     Foundation for Enterprise Imaging Success:  Expert Moment #1

HIMSS.     Realizing Value with a Holistic Enterprise Imaging Strategy


HIMSS.    Enterprise Imaging

SIIM.        Enterprise Imaging Strategy and Fundamentals to Build Your Program



Enterprise imaging strategy 2023

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Paragon Consulting Partners

Photo management in medical imaging 2023

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Medical Imaging and the Quadruple Aim

March 1, 2023

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Aunt Minnie

Enterprise Imaging 2020

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Ambra Health

The 21st Century Cures Act & The future of enterprise imaging

Catherine Slotnick | May 7, 2019 | Ambra

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Radiology Business

The elusive economics of enterprise imaging

Dave Pearson| February 09, 2018 | Imaging Informatics

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Radiology Business

7 questions radiologists must answer about enterprise imaging

ARRS InPractice

The next frontier in the evolution of health care technology

Fall 2017

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healthcare innovation

LIVE FROM RSNA:  Cleveland Clinic's enterprise-wide approach to images

By Mark Hagland
September 22, 2014

Axis Imaging

Easy Access

By Elaine Sanchez Wilson
Published on 

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