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Founder, Dr. Cheryl Petersilge launched Vidagos to provide clients with the vision and strategy to make the right decisions to achieve their goals with maximal organizational impact. Internationally recognized for pioneering one of the most advanced enterprise imaging programs at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Petersilge also was instrumental in the development of the DIAM (Digital Imaging Adoption Model) as a member of the HIMSS International Center for Excellence.

A successful journey requires much more than the technical solution.   Vision, strategic thinking, analysis of current state and clinical needs, change management and action planning are necessary. Dr. Petersilge is uniquely positioned to help you shape your enterprise imaging path.

Her experience is complemented by many years of clinical, operational and informatics experience, an engineer's approach to problem solving and a proven leadership track record.  Dr. Petersilge's passionate entrepreneurial spirit makes her perspective unrivaled in the healthcare industry.



Paguar Informatics, Inc

Paguar Informatics is an established healthcare IT consulting firm for over 20 years.  Major clients include Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland.  Extensive expertise in EMR systems integration, medical imaging, product development, innovation, IOT, blockchain, AI, project management and strategic business planning.
Paguar Informatics

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Knowledge Capital Group

Knowledge Capital Group [KCG] is a boutique healthcare consulting firm specializing in strategy and organizational transformation. We partner with hospital and health system leaders to devise innovative solutions to their toughest challenges – converting issues into opportunities, inefficient processes into best practices, and marginal outcomes into sustainable results.
Knowledge Capital Group



Medicom Technologies

Medicom's health information network is focused on solving longstanding interoperability challenges in healthcare. Today, clinical data is stored across thousands of information silos in hospitals, health systems, and practices. Medicom's Network brings a patient's complete medical history into a familiar search-oriented user-interface and replaces faxes, mailed or couriered paperwork, and CD-ROMs carrying clinical information. Medicom also helps Life Sciences companies curate real world evidence information used to develop breakthroughs AI technologies, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

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